Mayor's Message: Partnership saves money and our furry friends

thumb-mayor-message-sept-2023By Mayor Trent Staggs

Riverton City is proud of our partnerships that provide excellent services and save taxpayer funds. One well-appreciated service is our animal control public-private relationship with Stone Ridge Veterinary Clinic.

For the past four years, Stone Ridge has served as the center for Riverton City’s animal control services. This intra-neighborhood attention has helped us reunite lost pets with their owners and find new homes for others. The outstanding care from these professionals fits well within our “hometown” feel here in Riverton.

I am also pleased that our partnership with Stone Ridge has saved the city a considerable amount of taxpayer money.

Determining the best way forward for each city expense is important to me as we safeguard your hard-earned money. While other municipalities may not go out of their way to find workable solutions, Riverton City is always willing to partner with specialists who can help save the city money.

Riverton Review September 2023 EditionWe have saved nearly $1.4 million of taxpayer money since we started working together in 2019. These savings have accrued every year since the city has contracted as a client of Stone Ridge instead of having to use the county’s animal control services. Taxpayer needs are fulfilled, and the services are more than satisfactory.

I encourage residents to familiarize themselves with our animal control services. When a lost pet is impounded by a Riverton City Animal Control, they are transferred to Stone Ridge. Owners are given five days to reclaim their pets before the animals are available for adoption by others. Please call the city animal control at 801-208-3168 if you believe your lost pet may have been impounded.

We have seen an increase in the average number of animals impounded each year. Please ensure your pets are appropriately licensed with the city to ensure a quick reunion. Additionally, more and more lost dogs have never been claimed in recent years by their owners, leaving a number of pets languishing in the pound waiting to be adopted. Sadly, some dogs wait for too long.

We also want to expedite the process for those who would like to adopt one of the many pets available. I encourage you visit to see a full list of photos of pets available for adoption. Next, please schedule an appointment by calling Riverton Animal Control at 801-208- 3168 for an in-person meet-and-greet to decide which animal is best for you.

Our partnership with Stone Ridge is serving Riverton residents well and I look forward to continuing our relationship to provide excellent animal control services.

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