Council Message: Celebrating Constitution Day

thumb-council-message-sept-2023By Councilmember Andy Pierucci

In the month of September, we celebrate Constitution Day on the 17th. It is a day in which we commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. Two-hundred-and-thir­ty-six years after its signing, it con­tinues to be the longest-surviving written charter of government. Our Constitution changed the trajectory of world history for the better and has helped shape the destiny of people around the globe. In 1787, no country in the world had ever allowed its citizens to select their own form of government. What was revolutionary when it was written, and what continues to inspire and empower people today, is that the Constitution put governance in the hands of the people.

At its core, the Constitution en­shrines the doctrine of the separa­tion of powers. It also created our system of checks and balances so that one branch cannot gain too much power over the others. Like the Founders, I firmly believe gov­ernment decisions should be made as close to the people as possible. The more remote government is from the people, the more out of touch it becomes. Cities and states are where the Founders vision is being realized, and Riverton is a great example of government of the people and for the people.

This Constitution Day, I am grateful for the role cities play in our Repub­lic. Unlike Congress and the un­elected bureaucrats in Washington D.C., we pay for necessary city ex­penses and implement community and family focused policies without burdening our residents with higher taxes. Locally elected officials from our community are in the best po­sition to respond to the needs of its residents. Who better to guide our city’s road plans than people who sit in traffic on 134th and drive on our roads daily? Who better to make zoning and development decisions than those who desire to see their children and grandchildren grow in our community? The City Council is responsive to the needs and desires of the people of Riverton because we live, work, and raise our families in this community just like you.

As a city, we will continue to fight to ensure Riverton continues to be a safe and strong community; a place where our children and grandchil­dren can afford to raise their fam­ilies. Together we can ensure our city’s future is as bright as its past.

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