Public Safety Message: Could You Survive for 96 Hours?

thumb-publicsafety-october-2023A recent study found that it would take approximately 96 hours for outside resources to arrive to the Salt Lake Valley should a natural disaster occur and cause damage to transportation corridors and critical infrastructure.

Earthquakes, wildfires and flooding are three of the most likely natural disasters to impact the valley, though other forms of disaster could produce similar results. Unable to predict when these sorts of disasters will occur, we encourage each family to always be prepared for the worst. One of the many ways you can prepare now is by creating a 96-hour kit.

A 96-hour kit is meant to help sustain you for roughly four days, and it doesn’t have to be something that becomes a financial burden for you and your family. Many of the items that can be included in your kit could be hiding in the back of a closet or medicine cabinet.

These kits will vary depending on the size, age and needs of your family, but there are common items that would be beneficial for all families to include, such as a first aid kit, hygiene items, some form of lighting, a selection of tools, clothing and a radio.

Enough food and water to last 96 hours for your entire household should also make up part of your 96-hour kit. Take in account how many people live in your home as well as their dietary needs and restrictions. The recommended one gallon of water per person per day can make your kit heavy. You may consider purchasing a water bottle with a built-in water filter.

Required medication is something else that you should include, but be aware of how it is stored. Generally speaking, medicines and pills needs to be kept in cool, dry locations.

The last few items we recommend you put together is for those who have furry friends. If you have a dog, cat or other pet at home, you may want to prepare food and any necessary medications or toys in case of an emergency. Being caught without emergency items for your pets could make a difficult situation that much more stressful.

Riverton City has gathered materials to help families prepare for catastrophes. From gathering items to creating plans, there are plenty of things you can do today to put yourself in an advantageous position for the future. To view what the city has collected for emergency preparedness, visit

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