Mayor's Message: Enhancing Pedestrian Safety across 13400 S

thumb-mayors-message-dec2023By Mayor Trent Staggs

UDOT crews are in the initial phases of converting the Bangerter intersections at 13400 S and 2700 W into a fully-fledged freeway. Near the end of last month, state crews permanently removed the pedestrian bridges spanning the highway at these two intersections.

Although the state is running this project, the city saw a way we could save taxpayer money. The state’s initial plan was to allocate significant funds to later demolish these bridges. However, the Riverton City Council and I decided to save taxpayer money by repurposing one of the bridges to create a walkable community and enhance pedestrian safety.

We’ve seen unprecedented levels of road traffic in this commercial district of the city. Our new pedestrian bridge will not only connect the Welby Jacob Canal Trail but also ensure customers at Mountain View Village can cross the street safely.

The UDOT state contractors successfully removed the bridges and placed one of them on an open field three blocks away. Next year, Riverton contractors are scheduled to install the span of the bridge over 13400 S. Our team has already designed a state-of-the-art support structure that is graciously funded by a $2 million grant from the county. This will save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs.

Proper foresight and intragovernmental collaboration like on this pedestrian bridge is critical to our future. Riverton City’s strategic plan calls for a well-connected community with properly maintained infrastructure. I am determined to preserve our quality of life as the southwestern part of Salt Lake Valley continues to grow.

The state’s construction converting Bangerter into a freeway will temporarily cause east/west traffic congestion and closures. But once these freeway style interchanges are completed residents will enjoy significant traffic flow benefits.

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