Public Safety Message: 7 Things to Keep in Your Car This Winter

thumb-january2024-public-safety-messageWinter brings along its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to staying safe while driving. As you gear up for the next few months, it’s crucial to prioritize safety by having an emergency preparedness kit in your car. Especially after the record-breaking snowfall we experienced last year, being prepared for the worst can make a world of difference. Here are seven essential tips and tricks to create your winter car survival kit:

  1. Warmth is Key: Include blankets, extra gloves, hats, and hand warmers in your kit. They can provide warmth if you're stranded in freezing temperatures waiting for help to arrive.
  2. Lighting Essentials: Always have a flashlight with spare batteries. Days are shorter in winter, and in case of an emergency at night, a reliable light source is indispensable.
  3. Emergency Tools: Keep a multipurpose tool, like a Swiss army knife or a multi-tool kit, in your car. It can be handy for various tasks in an emergency.
  4. Food and Water: Pack non-perishable snacks like energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits, along with bottles of water. These can sustain you until help arrives if you're stranded for an extended period.
  5. Communication Devices: A portable phone charger, a charged power bank, and a backup cellphone (if possible) can be lifesavers. They ensure you can communicate even if your car battery dies.
  6. First Aid Kit: A compact first aid kit with essential supplies is crucial. Collecting items such as bandages, band-aids, Neosporin, and Tylenol is a great place to start.
  7. Car Maintenance Supplies: Carry an ice scraper, shovel, and jumper cables. These can help you clear snow, ice, or restart your car if the battery fails.

Remember to regularly check and update your emergency kit. Also, ensure everyone driving your vehicle knows where it's located and what it contains.

Having a well-equipped winter emergency kit in your car isn’t just a precaution; it’s a necessity. It could mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a potentially life-threatening situation. Take the time now to prepare, stay safe, and be ready for whatever winter may bring to us this year. Learn more about emergency kits by visiting

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