Mayor's Message: Strategic Planning Enable our Success

By Mayor Trent Staggs

thumb-mayors-message-feburary-2024Thorough strategic planning is one of the secrets that makes Riverton City so successful. Our detailed planning has ensured economic vitality and robust growth under careful management. This past month, all city council members, city department heads, and I revisited our long-range plans for the city.

These yearly meetings help us prioritize goals and projects identified by our residents from the citizen survey. We hear you, and we are actively implementing your ideas and suggestions into our plans. Our government strives to be a government of, for, and by the people of Riverton. The survey is one tool that ensures the taxpayers’ voices are heard in this important planning process.

In this daylong meeting, we discussed nearly every aspect of city government. Both our successes and setbacks are contemplated and reviewed. The lodestar of Riverton City’s planning is our Strategic Priorities, which every resident should familiarize themselves with.

There are four main themes in Riverton’s Strategic Priorities that help guide elected officials in aligning city resources with our community’s needs.

The first is a “Sense of Community.” This priority has helped us ensure our community maintains an identity as the southwest part of the Salt Lake Valley continues to grow rapidly. As Riverton residents find themselves in the middle of all this growth, it’s vitally important that the city maintains strong communication channels with everyone.

The second and third themes are “Connectivity & Infrastructure” and “Economic Development.” These are two distinct responsibilities that also go hand in hand. The success of Mountain View Village is the envy of the valley and will benefit Riverton City for generations to come. Residents’ tax burdens are reduced significantly due to the successful planning of this business center. We strive to maintain our reputation as being one of the most business-friendly cities in the state of Utah.

With growth comes a tremendous responsibility to ensure our infrastructure is kept up. Residents correctly identified traffic congestion as a challenge Riverton City needs to confront. Our city staff and elected officials are hard at work negotiating remedies with state and local partners. The nature of our city’s boundaries will require us to ensure our road maintenance is carefully observed and maintained.

The last theme of our Strategic Priorities is “Sustainability.” This objective is focused exclusively on the responsibility we have to leave Riverton City better than we found it for the next generation. This involves improving and expanding the city’s water resources and guaranteeing long-term stewardship of capital assets of the city. Financially, this priority mandates we save enough for rainy days that will ensure our city can weather future economic storms or other unforeseen challenges.

These fiscally responsible and prudent strategic priorities have served Riverton City well and are keeping the city on the path of continued success. I am very proud of what our elected officials and city staff have achieved. Our success proves that the Riverton model of living within our means and planning for the future are principles that all should follow.

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