Public Safety Message: Protecting Property

thumb-public-safety-message-feburary-2024Here in Riverton City, ensuring the safety of our residents is a collective responsibility. The Riverton Police Department has seen an uptick in recent incidents related to stolen vehicles, vehicle break-ins, and package thefts. In this month’s Public Safety Message, we aim to raise awareness and provide practical tips residents can use to protect themselves and their neighbors from these potential threats.

Stolen Vehicles
Riverton City, while generally safe, is not immune to opportunistic thieves. These thefts are particularly common in the winter months when car owners start their cars to get the heaters running. Interim Riverton police chief Shane Taylor explained, “Unfortunately, when you start your vehicle and re-enter your home, we have individuals focusing on neighborhoods and stealing vehicles while they are running.” To minimize this risk, avoid leaving your car if it is running. A few extra minutes inside a cold car beats having a stolen vehicle.

Unlocked Vehicle Break-Ins
The Riverton Police Department was notified last month of individuals who were making the rounds in Riverton neighborhoods in the early morning hours that were going house-to-house searching for unlocked cars that were parked outside. Ring doorbell footage showed these individuals approaching cars, peering inside the windows, and attempting to open doors. To reduce the risk of a break-in, we recommend trying to park in well-lit areas and avoid leaving valuables in plain sight, as this can attract unwanted attention.

Package Thefts
With the rise of online shopping, package thefts have become more prevalent. Be proactive by following the tracking information and arranging for them to be delivered when you are home. If you see a package is out for delivery while you are away, a quick text to a family member or neighbor to retrieve the package from your doorstep can keep your package out of the hands of thieves. Consider installing security cameras or using smart doorbell systems to monitor your front door. Some services, such as Amazon, allow you to request packages to be delivered at different areas of your home—even inside your garage.

By becoming aware of our surroundings and adopting preventative measures, we can mitigate the risks of theft in our neighborhoods. Let’s work together to ensure that Riverton remains a secure and welcoming place for all its residents.

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