Council Message: Keeping Riverton Beautiful

Keeping Riverton BeautifulBy Councilmember Claude Wells

What are the things that make Riverton a great place to live? Quality of life, I believe, would be right at the top. Feeling safe in our city would be another good aspect. These are things that I think we can all agree on. We all can do our part to take pride in our community and be either part of a problem or part of a solution. The number one complaint the city or Council members get from our residents is speeding in our neighborhoods. These are neighborhoods our kids and grandkids live in. We all get in a hurry from time to time while driving and are easily distracted by our phones, a conversation, or maybe kids trying to get our attention. We just need to slow down and think about the dangers of driving too fast.

No one wants to have an accident or hurt someone. The chronic speeders could be our own neighbors or family members.

City ordinances are made to keep our city safe, beautiful, and keep it a thriving community we can all enjoy. Everyone has a different priority or opinion on what makes them happy or is important for their happiness. Some people enjoy keeping their yards up, and some not so much. If we can all do our part, we could be part of the solution. Some suggestions would be to keep weeds down on properties, keep vehicles that do not run in your driveways rather than on the road. Not park trailers in front of our houses that might create a dangerous situation for a neighbor backing out of their driveway.

No one wants to approach a neighbor to resolve an issue they may be displeased about. No one wants the tension. Everyone wants to enjoy their homes and go about their daily lives. If we can all treat people with respect and think about the things, that we may be doing that infringes on others right to happiness we would all be better off. Let us all make a goal to do better and be part of the solution to make or keep Riverton a place we all want to live. Maybe offering to help a neighbor that cannot physically take care of their property would help. Being kind to neighbors is easy. If we can all take a deep breath, slow down, and think about others in our community we could all be happier.

Help us keep Riverton beautiful by reporting problems you notice while you’re out and about. You can report things like a streetlight out, a dangerous situation in your area, or just something that needs to be taken care of. Problems can be reported on the Riverton Connect app or on the city’s website.

Let us make 2021 a great summer, enjoy the city activities in the parks, and be better neighbors.

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