Council Message: Avoid Street Parking During Snowstorms

Winter Parking ReminderBy Councilman Troy McDougal

Ah February – that wonderful month that reminds me that one large gesture of love is not as powerful as many small daily gestures. At least that is what I have been taught by my wife. I have often used the phrase “Love Where You Live” in relation to my perspective of serving on the Riverton City Council. I truly want to help create a community where we can all “Love Where We Live.” Most of the time, I believe that means focusing on the nuts and bolts of government: low taxes, fiscal responsibilities, and dependable services such as roads, trash removal, water, etc.

This month, I would like to focus on some nuts and bolts. We are approaching the end of our winter season, but there is still the possibility of snowstorms. The Riverton City ordinance requires residents to remove their vehicles from public roads during times of snowstorms or where snow has accumulated. This allows our city employees to more efficiently and safely keep our roads clear of snow and ice.

When a vehicle is left on the street, it can slow or prevent plowing. The vehicle will often be blocked in by the plowed snow, and in some cases, it creates snow berms that interfere with postal and other delivery services. I know it is a small simple thing, but it can help avoid frustration for city employees and residents if, when snowy weather is coming, to park your vehicle in your driveway or garage. As we do the small and simple daily things, I am confident it will improve the overall feeling of love for our community.

P.S. This does not mean you shouldn’t get a grand gesture of love for those you care about on a certain date, apparently that is still required.

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