Council Message: Riverton Citizen Survey Highlights

Council Message: Riverton Citizen Survey HighlightsBy Councilmember Tish Buroker

In December of 2021, the Riverton City communications department surveyed Riverton residents regarding what residents appreciate about Riverton and what additional amenities they would like to see. There were 2,875 residents that completed the survey. Those responses have been incredibly helpful to the City Council and Mayor as we develop our budget for the coming year and have helped guide our five-year master plan. Thank you to all of those who participated. The purpose of my article this month is to provide feedback regarding some of the key responses.

  1. 55% of respondents stated that having a single username and password to access online services offered on the Riverton City website was either very or somewhat important. Riverton is currently working toward this goal with the purchase of a software platform. Installation and training will take the next two years, but it will improve your user experience interacting with the city and improve the efficiency of the city as all departments will be able to interact and share information across one platform.
  2. Residents requested more pickleball courts. Riverton is currently installing four additional pickleball courts at Riverton City Park, bringing the city total to eight. There has been additional discussion regarding installing additional courts at the new park to be built west of Bangerter and north of 13400 W, or installing more courts at select parks throughout the city. Pickleball courts are expensive and cost approximately $50,000 to install, but there is little maintenance required and no water requirements.
  3. Residents also asked for more dining options (65%). There is expected to be additional restaurants at Mountain View Village. The city is also actively working to attract additional restaurants to the Riverton Town Center area (Redwood Road and 12600 S), specifically through the adoption of two Community Reinvestment Areas that have been created in the past several months. Please note that this area has been renamed the Town Center instead of historic downtown, as many of you commented there is little evidence left of our historic downtown. However, we still have an opportunity to make this area unique.
  4. 70% of residents requested more biking and walking trails. Agreed! We currently have about 26 miles of trail in Riverton. More are needed and connecting the incomplete trail system that we have will have a positive impact for Riverton residents. As money becomes available, we will continue to work to develop and improve our trail system.

It continues to be a great experience to live in Riverton and serve on the City Council.

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