Council Message: Public Service is a Public Trust

thumb-councilmessage-june-2023By Councilmember Tish Buroker

I hope your plans for summer include Riverton City. Be sure to visit the Riverton City website and attend some of the great activities that have been planned.

It has been my pleasure to actively serve on the Jordan River Commission. It has been so inspiring to be part of this great organization.

At the Mayor’s request, I will be serving on the Unified Fire Authority board for the next year. I am enjoying learning more about this important special district, which provides fire prevention, fire inspections, fire elimination and emergency safety services to our city.

Riverton City volunteer groups are fully staffed and provide valuable services to the city. Recently the Historic Preservation Commission completed scanning six binders of historical documents that have been completed over the years.

As always, I appreciate your comments, feedback and perspectives on Riverton City.

Councilmember Buroker’s Jordan River Commission Assignment
When I retired in 2014, I finally had a chance to reconnect with the community in which I lived. I started walking the Jordan River Trail and was dismayed to find that the wetland ponds I had once enjoyed were dry and full of weeds. More invasive weeds filled the nearby properties, and the City was using two City owned sites along the trail for dumping leftover dirt, rocks etc. from projects. I started to ask what had happened and what could be done to clean it up. I was directed to the Jordan River Commission and started attending. I learned of the long-term plans for the River Corridor including completing the trail, removing invasive plants, and planting native trees etc. I was hooked! Involvement led to running for City Council where I have served since 2017. I love the commission, learning the history of the river, the flora and fauna, the volunteer projects, the Jordan River Night event and most of all the wonderful people involved. I have served as vice chair, chair, and past chair and several subcommittees. The trail is now complete from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake, boat docks have been installed, hundreds of trees have been planted, and all cities are now members of the commission with regular funds being supplied by the Utah Legislature to keep this great work moving forward. Slowly and steadily, progress is being made. In Riverton, the support and expertise of the Commission has resulted in Riverton obtaining grants which have been used to clean up the ponds and surrounding area. I look forward to the progress that will continue in the next 10 years and beyond.

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