Council Message: Recapping Our Annual Strategic Meeting

By Councilmember Tish Buroker

thumb-council-message-feburary-2024Your opinion matters. In January, the mayor, city council, and Riverton City executive staff met to review the results of the most recent citizens survey and set course direction for the coming year. When asked what outdoor recreation amenities citizens would like to see prioritized in future funding, 72% stated more trails. I agree! And so do other elected city representatives, along with our county and state officials. In fact, the Utah Legislature has appropriated millions of dollars for a connecting trail network.

To receive some of this funding, we must have a shovel-ready project. It would be great if we could demonstrate how Riverton trails would connect with South Jordan, Herriman, Bluffdale, and Draper trails, and to the greater trail network. After working on the Jordan River Commission and watching the completion of the Jordan River Trail which now connects from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake, I know how popular a connected trail is. The county is currently working on plans to identify possible trail connections from the Oquirrh Mountains to the Jordan River Trail. Additionally, The Point project, located at the old prison site, plans to create a trail connecting the Jordan River Trail to the Bonneville Trail. These projects take years to complete, but wow, what great amenities.

The January strategic meeting was also a great opportunity to review some of the data Riverton City collects which is utilized as planning and operational decisions are made. I thought you might be interested in some of the fascinating facts about our city:

  • The median value of an owner-occupied housing unit is $478,000. The unemployment rate is 2.1%.
  • Riverton has 33 parks and playgrounds.
  • 9,488 miles of road was plowed from 2022-2023. With the most recent snowstorm, another 1,240 miles of roadway was plowed while putting down 160 tons of salt.
  • Riverton maintains 199 miles of culinary pipe; 5,003 valves; 7 pressure zones; 3 water tanks; 2,118 fire hydrants; and 6 well houses.
  • Riverton has 3,500 streetlights. 742 of them were converted to LED lights in 2023. This brings the total of light conversions to 70%. This has been a longstanding goal, and it is encouraging to know that we are closing in on the final 30%. This is a cost saver for the city.
  • Riverton has 1,981 manholes and 2,463 catch basins. As Riverton’s representative on the Mosquito Abatement District, I know that each one of those catch basins is treated each summer to prevent the growth and spread of mosquitoes. The city also has a program to clean and maintain both the manholes and the basins, which reduces the need for repairs.
  • The entire city was swept four times for a total of 1,176 miles, removing 402 tons of debris. This is a critical activity of the city that prevents large amounts of debris from entering the water drainage system that eventually flows into the Jordan River and the Great Salt Lake.

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